Digital Art Club

"The future of investment Art"

The art world has long been associated with elitism, closed doors, and financial and intellectual barriers. With large, western-centric, institutional gatekeepers who determine, qualify, and set an artist's success and their work.

The advent of digital currencies, blockchain technology, and NFT transactions has led to the decentralization of digital and physical art. Drawing upon a younger and more global audience to buy, sell, and share contemporary artwork, demystifying the art community and unshackling it from its physical past. However, this has led to the over-emphasis on sales, re-sale value, artificial inflation and financial gain from the intrinsic value and artistic celebration of work and curation.

D.A.C platform has been developed to liberate the artist and curators, creating a platform to celebrate exquisite art from around the world within curated collections, a contemporary space for cross-disciplinary creation devoid of creative constraints. D.A.C team includes artists to architects, gallery directors to designers, and content creators.

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